Chrissy Teigen and John Legend Celebrated His EGOT Win in The Least Wild Way Possible

"I don't wanna be like 'We're so relatable' but..."

Chrissy Teigen John Legend
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The celebrity world can often leave you feeling like you’re missing out on a whole world of fame, glamor and excitement—but that’s where mom-of-two Chrissy Teigen comes in, to remind us all that she and husband John Legend are the epitome of hashtag relatable at all times. Take John’s latest achievement, for example. The singer/songwriter may have become the winner of the prestigious EGOT accolade this month, but he and Chrissy still celebrated the new title in potentially the least wild way possible.

After winning an Emmy, a Grammy an Oscar AND a Tony Award for his work, John and Chrissy marked the monumental day in their typically relatable style. Appearing on Watch What Happens Live, Chrissy was asked by a caller how freaky the couple got the night of John’s impressive win. And hey, it’s a valid question—we all so those pictures of them making out in the back of a car recently. However, her answer kept it brutally real.

“Whats the lowest amount of freaky?” Chrissy responded, conceding they just “had In-N-Out” instead. “I don't wanna be like ‘we’re so relatable’,” she added. “But yeah we didn't do anything.”

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John did get a very sweet tribute from his wife on Instagram though, so at least that's something to go with his burger. Sharing a photo of the pair looking their usual adorable selves on the red carpet, Chrissy wrote at the time: "my incredible man. what a surreal life."

Even an EGOT win couldn't lead John to get lucky (although honestly, an In-N-Out order is pretty lucky if you ask me) but, as the Lip Sync Battle host went on to reveal, the story ended a little differently for their first date. Recalling how they’d been filming the Stereo music video together beforehand, Chrissy recalled: “We were on a music video set all day together, and then I went to one of his shows, and then… yeah,” with a coy smile.

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Burgers and cute babies? This is truly the marriage we all dream of having one day.

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