Beyoncé and Jay Z's Flo-Jo and Tommie Smith Halloween Costumes Celebrated Black Sporting Achievement

And you thought the Toni Braxton moment was good.

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Oh sure, you thought Joe Jonas dressing as Sophie Turner was a great move, or maybe Rita Ora as Post Malone couldn’t be beaten, but trust Beyoncé and Jay-Z to make all other celebrity Halloween costumes of 2018 simply fade straight back to amateur level. The iconic husband and wife made sure that their Halloween evening was all about celebrating black achievement and excellence by transforming themselves into sporting legends Flo-Jo and Tommie Smith.

Queen Bey dressed as American track and field star Florence Griffith Joyner for October 31st, recreating one of her vibrant, one-legged bodysuits in classic 80’s colors and patterns. She added long, black hair and a touch of red lipstick for the ultimate Flo-Jo look, and even photoshopped her look onto a track background to complete the tribute.

Flo-Jo, who passed away in 1998 aged just 38, is widely considered to be the fastest woman of all time, having set world records for the 100m and 200m, and won three gold medals in the 1998 Olympic Games. As well as her legendary success and talent, Joyner also went down in history for her signature statement looks—she often wore bold colors, four-inch manicures and even jewelry while completing her runs.

While Bey went bold, husband Jay-Z matched alongside her in their theme of black sporting heroes. The rapper was instantly recognizable as Tommie Smith, the track and field athlete who was behind one of the most iconic and pivotal moments of the Black Power movement. Following his 200m spring gold medal win at the 1968 Olympics, Smith (along with bronze medallist John Carlos), raised his fist while wearing black leather gloves on the podium.

For the Instagram photo with Beyoncé, Jay-Z recreated the famous pose while wearing a Team USA tracksuit, leather gloves and a gold medal.

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Black Power Salute At Olympic Games

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Here we were thinking that the Toni Braxton moment from earlier this week couldn’t possibly be beaten, and here’s Beyoncé just out-Beyoncé-ing even herself.

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