Kate Middleton Wears Barbie Pink Dress for Prince Charles' 70th Birthday

And some killer earrings.

Prince of Wales' 70th birthday
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Today is His Royal Highness Prince Charles birthday (HBD, Chuck!). To celebrate the big 7-0, Charles is celebrating the old-fashioned way: With a big fancy party with friends and family—but since is the royal family we're talking about, it's a very fancy party at Buckingham Palace.

The shindig comes just a day after the royal family released an official photo of the fam (including one of our first looks at Prince Louis alongside his older brother and sister, Prince George and Princess Charlotte), but the party appears to be adults-only. The fantastic four, Kate Middleton, Prince William, Prince Harry, and Meghan Markle were just spotted pulling up to Buckingham Palace in their invdividual cars (princes behind the wheel) with no kids in sight. But what is in sight: Kate Middleton's bananas gorgeous earrings and the dramatic top of her bright pink party dress:

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Bright pink (or is it bright pink and red?!) is not a color we normally see the Duchess of Cambridge wearing, so it's a very exciting choice—but will we even see the full thing?! According to royal reporters, since the event is a private one, it's unlikely we'll get photos from inside Buckingham Palace, which is unfortunate because in addition to Kate's very promising looking outfit, the images of the royals arriving also revealed Meghan wearing a phenomenal pair of earrings and I'm desperate to see the dress she chose to wear with them:

Nick Ansell - PA ImagesGetty Images

We'll update this post as we find out more.

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