Prince Charles' 70th Birthday Celebrations Included A Tribute to Diana

Diana Princess of Wales and Charles Prince of Wales hold Prince Harry and Prince William on the deck of the Royal Yacht Britannia
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Prince Charles has been having the most phenomenal birthday celebrations. The birthday celebrations started on Tuesday, when we, the public, were given the gift of two new Royal Family portraits for the Prince's 70th birthday. The family photos feature Charles' wife Camilla Parker-Bowles, sons Prince William and Prince Harry along with wives Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle, as well as his grandchildren Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis. And while those are precious and adorable and everything, I'm glad that the Royals haven't forgotten Princess Diana in their celebrations.

On Wednesday, Clarence House's Instagram page shared a montage of photos over Prince Charles' life over the years, including a lovely image of the late Princess with Charles and a young Prince William and Prince Harry. The photo is famous and iconic, taken from the deck of the Royal Yacht Briannia in Venice, Italy, during their royal tour in May 1985.

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It's a bit of a shocking inclusion, considering the royals' icy demeanor on the topic of Diana over the years, and fans praised them for the inclusion. One comment even read, "I really love it. Seeing Princess Diana in the video makes my heart swell and dwell." I mean, same? As a life-long fan of Diana, I can appreciate when the royals go out of their way to remind us that she was one of them and is appreciated.

Not only does he get a tribute on the royal Instagram and new portraits, but he also guest-edited an issue of Country Life where he revealed his love for ed squirrels and how he lets them run around his home in Scotland, and that while he only eats one meal a day, he's especially into moussaka made with grouse instead of lamb, which he calls "groussaka."

Happy birthday, Prince Charles! I hope you have a great day.

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