Mandy Moore and Meghan Markle's Friendship Dates Back to 2007's 'License to Wed'

Mandy Moore recaently discussed her friendship with Meghan Markle. The two met in 2007 on the set of Moore's License to Wed and became good friends.

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Today in People Who Were Friends With Meghan Markle Before She Was a Royal, we have Mandy Moore. The This Is Us star recently opened up to Access about her decade-old friendship with the Duchess of Sussex.

So, how do Mandy Moore and Meghan Markle know each other and why are we all just finding out about this?

Well, for one thing, Meghan and Mandy met through Meghan's ex-husband, Trevor Engelson, which could make getting together and reminiscing about the good ol' days a tiny bit awkward. Trevor was one of the producers on Mandy's 2007 film License to Wed, so Meghan was around on set quite a bit and the bond between her and Mandy just happened naturally.

Here's what Mandy had to say about the friendship:

"Her ex-husband was a producer on a movie that I worked on, so I met her back in 2006 and spent a lot of time with them, a lot of time with her, and she is a lovely, generous woman. We spent a lot of time in Jamaica where some of the movie was shot. We spent quite a bit of time—I think we spent New Year's with them that year. We spent some time over the summer in the Hamptons with them."

Sadly, Mandy and Meghan's friendship was not destined to go so strong forever and it sounds like they drifted apart in the very natural, drama-free that we all drift away from most of the cool acquaintances we meet in life.

"It was another lifetime ago for both of us, but she’s wonderful," Mandy said of Meghan and the friendship in general. Mandy did say that she reached out to congratulate Meghan after news of her engagement broke. She also fangirled a little over the fact that literal royalty has gone on the record as loving her show.

"She was very kind and said that she really likes This Is Us. She watches the show, so that was pretty cool," Mandy said. "She’s just a normal, regular girl."

Watch the full interview yourself, below:

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