Kate Middleton Reveals That She Studied Psychology in College Before Settling on Her Art History Major

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When Kate Middleton stepped out for a surprise visit to the University College London this week, the first thing royal obsessives noticed was her outfit. Why? Because it happened to be perfectly coordinated with a look that her sister-in-law, Meghan Markle, wore to a separate event on the same day.

Obviously, Kate's visit to the UCL Developmental Neuroscience Lab was for an important cause. According to tweets from Daily Mail royal commentator Rebecca English, the Duchess of Cambridge was visiting the campus to learn about research being conducted by the neuroscience lab.

"The Duchess of Cambridge is learning more about @ucl research into what affect trauma in young children can affect the brain," English wrote on Twitter, along with several pictures of Kate at UCL during her visit.

During the impromptu trip, being on campus also made Kate pretty nostalgic for her own university days. Speaking to researchers at the event, Kate even revealed a previously unknown tidbit about her college days.

"I started off doing Psychology at St Andrews, with History of Art," the royal said, according to Hello! magazine. "It was a bit full on, but it was really interesting."

Kate famously met her own Prince Charming, William, at St Andrews. (The couple also infamously split briefly during this time.)

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It's interesting to know that even someone as notoriously put together as Kate Middleton had to spend a little time finding herself and her passions in college.

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Unsurprisingly, Kate impressed the hell out of the faculty at UCL. "The Duchess is fantastic," Professor Eamon McCrory gushed after her visit, according to The Telegraph. "Her level of interest is extraordinary and she has a genuine interest and hunger to understand the science and really think about how the science can help us re-frame our approach to early years and help parents and families, and society to understand the critical importance of the first few years of life."

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