See the Epic Christmas Tree at Kensington Palace, Where Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle Live

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No one knows how to get into the Christmas spirit quite like the royal family. Do you doubt that? Well, just keep scrolling because the absolutely epic Christmas Tree at Kensington Palace is guaranteed to change your mind and put you firmly on Team Royals Win Christmas Forever.

The latest show of the royal family's holiday spirit comes courtesy of Historic Royal Palaces, the charity responsible for looking after many palaces in the UK, including some inhabited by current members of the royal family. The organization took to Twitter last night to share a video of the incredible Christmas tree being put up at Kensington Palace, where Prince William, Kate Middleton, Prince Harry, and Meghan Markle all live (for now, at least).

The 30-foot tree is decorated with a twinkling cascade of fairy lights and huge, oversized ornaments. The Historic Royal Palaces video shows the entire process of putting the tree up (sped up, of course—because this masterpiece took hours to erect).

"Watch the 30ft Christmas tree being installed and decorated outside This Christmas at Kensington, meet Victoria & Albert, try some festive crafts and discover how the Victorians shaped Christmas:," the group wrote in a tweet along with the video.

Watch it for yourself below:

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How does this tree compare to some of the others that have gone up in and around the royal family's homes over the years? Take a look.

Here's the Queen, standing in front of Buckingham Palace's gorgeous and classically-decorated Christmas tree ahead of her annual royal Christmas broadcast in 2012:

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Here she is, taking in an admittedly less-majestic tree in 1969:

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Here's the 2017 tree at the Windsor state apartments:

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And, just for fun, here's what the royal Christmas tree apparently looked like in 1848, when Queen Victoria was on the throne:

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