Prince Harry and Tom Hardy Got Together at a Royal Event for the Prince's Trust

Old Friends Prince Harry and Tom Hardy Got Together at a Prince's Trust Royal Event

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Prince Harry joined his father, Prince Charles, on a Prince's Trust outing this morning to Clarence House to discuss youth violence and crime. Meghan Markle didn't join him, sadly (maybe she's resting up before the holidays), although reports are that we'll see her again on December 18. He did, however, get to rub elbows with his old friend, British actor and producer Tom Hardy, as well as rapper/singer/songwriter Tinie Tempah and former coach of the England national football team Gareth Southgate.

This is the first time Harry and his friend have been seen together since the royal wedding. I'd love to be a fly on the wall for their conversation! Did they talk about who has the best facial hair right now? (I think it's Tom, tbh.)

There's video from the royals' arrival and part of Prince Charles' speech, while Harry and Hardy listen quietly.

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During his speech, Charles said we “should say enough is enough” to violence and youth crime and referenced the rising rates of deaths.

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Hardy has been pals with Harry for a long time, and was spotted heading into Hary and Meghan's nuptials earlier this year with his wife Charlotte Riley. He had a LOT less facial hair back then, so maybe Prince Harry inspired him.

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Hardy doesn't talk much about their friendship, saying it's "deeply private," but he did say recently that “Harry is a f—ing legend.” He said he flew from New Orleans, where he was shooting a movie, to London to be there for his friend's special moment.

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