Author, Cook, Mom, Wife Chrissy Teigen Is Also One of the Highest Paid Models

Chrissy Teigen does it all. She's ambassador to a number of brands, has her own line of cookware along with a recently released new cookbook, and is the host of Paramount's Lip Sync Battle, all while being hilarious and grounded on social media. Oh, and she was also the third-highest paid model in 2018.

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Chrissy Teigen does it all. She's ambassador to a number of brands, has her own line of cookware along with a recently released new cookbook, and is the host of Lip Sync Battle, all while being hilarious and grounded on social media. With her husband John Legend, she's casually reinventing the holiday special in her spare time, and she's a super-devoted mom to kids Luna and Miles. Oh, and she was also the third-highest paid model in 2018.

According to Forbes, Kendall Jenner came in the top spot with $22.5 million, no surprises there. Karlie Kloss, in second, earned $13 million. Teigen was tied with Rosie Huntington-Whitely at $11.5 million, and Gisele Bundchen and Cara Delevingne tied for the fifth spot with $10 million each. Chrissy's in really good company: all of the top performers have branched out in their careers in various ways to include partnerships, acting, clothing lines, and other forms of branding. The total Forbes number includes contracts for fragrances, cosmetics, and so on, which would include Chrissy's lip gloss collaboration with BECCA Cosmetics, called BECCA x Chrissy, but not any of her cooking-related work.

 Forbes notes that a strong social media presence is important for becoming a top model and building a brand, and Chrissy clearly has that in spades. She's not afraid to get real with her fans, including her cooking failures—that is one burnt pie.

Meanwhile, the model had no comment on the news, but she did share yet another cute photo of her two kids on Instagram. Luna's bubble-gum pink dress artfully draped behind her with matching pigtail ribbons—looks like there's another model-in-training at the Legend-Teigen (Teigen-Legend?) household.

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