Ariana Grande Recreated an Iconic 'Saturday Night Live' Sketch With Jimmy Fallon

Ariana Grande reached new levels of pop culture perfection last night on 'The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.' She helped Fallon recreate a classic Saturday Night Live sketch, 'I Wish It Was Christmas Today.' The best part? Ariana wasn't even singing.

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Listen. We already know singer-songwriter Ariana Grande is hilarious and media-savvy. She's been out and about promoting her fifth album and teasing fans by hyping up anticipation for each of her songs. She's also been sharing personal details about her life, and isn't afraid to get candid about what's going on behind the scenes. But she reached new levels of pop culture perfection last night on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. She helped Jimmy Fallon recreate a classic Saturday Night Live sketch, "I Wish It Was Christmas Today." The best part? Ariana wasn't even singing. She just stood there with a straight face, be-bopping along as her costars sang hilariously off-key.

Per People, the original song debuted in 2000, and the foursome only reunited once, when Fallon hosted SNL in 2011. So, it's kind of a big deal for Grande to be a part of this iconic singing act.

For the remix, Ariana donned a cute oversize snowflake sweater (which she was wearing as a dress, naturally) and thigh-high boots. The video, shared on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon's official Twitter, shows Grande participating while Horatio Sanz, Chris Kattan, Fallon, and Tracy Morgan all reprised their goofy roles. 

While she was there, Ariana also sang her latest track, "Imagine," clips of which she shared on Instagram. Also noticeable: Ariana's ponytail is back, after she got a lob haircut that initially made me feel like she was changing up her look in a big way. Guess not!

Ariana didn't talk to Fallon about her latest interactions with ex Pete Davidson, but she's been urging fans to support the SNL star. She also has an upside-down Christmas tree, which she says is a metaphor for her life right now. I get it, Ariana.

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