The Best Present That Birthday Girl Kate Middleton Is Getting Today

Kate Middleton is officially 37 today! There will be some "low-key celebrations" with her family in Kate's future. This morning, though, the mom is very likely rushing around helping her family get ready for their daily activities. Then, she'll finally get a moment to herself.

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What do you get the woman who has everything? Kate Middleton is officially 37 today! As reported by the Daily Mail, there will be some "low-key celebrations" with her family in Kate's future. This morning, though, the mom likely spent her time rushing around helping her two older kids, George and Charlotte, get ready for school and helping husband Prince William get ready for his first royal engagement of the year. (Presumably it's a lot easier to wrangle William, since he knows how to dress himself.) Then, as I imagine, Kate will put the adorable Louis down for a nap, grab herself a cup of tea, sit contentedly down, and enjoy a few precious moments of peace and quiet. So that, friends, is what you get the woman who has everything: a moment to herself.

It's a far cry from the romantic dinners and gatherings with friends that Kate's done to celebrate in the past, per HELLO, although that's probably more indicative of how much has changed for the princess—from Prince William's girlfriend to mom-of-three in the span of 11 years.

Kensington Palace responded on Twitter and Instagram to sweetly thank everyone for their outpouring of support for Kate:

Meanwhile, William just arrived at the London Air Ambulance Center, for which he became patron of their 30th Anniversary Campaign today.

Royal Daily Mail reporter Rebecca English reminded everyone that William will be at his royal engagement for only one hour, then he will presumably run home to be with his beloved and their youngest:

Missing Kate (and specifically her outfits)? We'll see the duchess again for her first royal engagement on January 15th, when she visits King Henry's Walk Community Garden to hear about the local gardening and food growing, according to HELLO.

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