This Week in Timothée Chalamet, January 25 Edition

The Academy Awards a.k.a. The Oscars snubbed Timothée Chalamet (who many thought would receive a nomination for Best Supporting Actor for his work in 'Beautiful Boy') and fans are not having it.

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Because being a person in the world is hard and you deserve something nice, this is's semiregular column on everything talented young man Timothée Chalamet did that week. You can catch up on last week's here.

Somber salutations and welcome back to another edition of This Week in Timothée Chalamet, the column positively reeling from what I can only assume was an irresponsible oversight. did this happen? Timmy? No Oscar nomination for Beautiful Boy?

I...It just...It makes me sort of doubt everything I’ve ever believed about the Oscars? Timmy’s performance was grounded. It was raw and sympathetic. And those dingbats at the Academy just...they just snubbed him. I mean, not even a nod.

My coworker Amanda says it’s because the voters got confused between Beautiful BoyBen Is Back, and Boy Erased. If that’s true, then we should rethink any consequence we ever gave to an Oscar nomination. Besides the fact that none of those movies got an acting Oscar nom of any kind, they were clearly different, related only because they were about A Topic and starred A Young Actor. You know what? This is just totally whack. This is bullshit.

I need a moment.

Alright, I think I’ve said what I needed to say. What élse happened?

Okay, actually? Let me just say one more thing.

The repercussions of this snub are potentially disastrous. What if Timmy doesn’t show up to the Oscars on account of this? Steve Carrell didn’t get a nod either. It’s like the movie never existed. Beautiful Boy Erased.

And if I have to miss out on Timmy donning another Virgil Abloh sex bib because some poufsouffles at the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences can’t appreciate ART or SCIENCE (of acting) when they see it, I will be fucking livid.

I feel faint. Quickly! My smelling salts!

Let’s talk about something unrelated!

Timmy stans are boycotting the Oscars.

Eh, this is unrelated enough. Unsurprisingly, Timothée stans are pretty pissed about this blunder—so much so that many of our legion have decided to boycott the Oscars altogether. Does the Paper story that says boycotting among Chalastans is a trend actually only use a single tweet as evidence that many of us are planning this move? Sure. Does this questionable reporting nevertheless ring true for those of us who would mainly be tuning in for glimpses of TimCha? Yes. Will I watch the show regardless? Of course, I’m a culture editor, the only cross-section of the population that’s forced to watch every major awards show every single year.

But here are some great tweets about how I really feel:

I take solace in the knowledge that Timmy is involved in many other potentially award-winning projects, but I just hope that this doesn’t turn into a Leonardo DiCaprio situation in which he’s consistently the boldest actor on the scene and yet has to wait 20 years for an actual statue.

Timmy was on the cover of Vanity Fair!

Ok, let’s end with something nice. When I was in middle school, Vanity Fair released something called the Young Hollywood Issue that featured pages and pages of everyone I’d ever had a crush on: Lindsay Lohan, Hilary Duff, the Olsen Twins, Daniel Radcliffe, Evan Rachel Wood, Shia Labeouf before he was a lot—everyone was in this article, it was a journalistic coup and a force and it changed my life.

So I’m not going to say that VF’s 2019 Hollywood Issue is necessarily on par with that...but it gets close. Case in point:

Sorry, but Chadwick Boseman, Saoirse Ronan, and Timothée Chalamet on one cover proves that not only is Hollywood getting harder to spell on the first try, but it’s also getting way hotter. Timmy's tendril is falling in exactly the right place and...hold on a minute, I need a glass of water.

Anyway, I was going to think of more stuff to say but I guess I’m still pretty bummed about the Oscar thing. It feels like I, personally, was snubbed an Oscar. So, whatever, that’s the news. Have a lovely wéekend.

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