The Reason Meghan Markle Is Unlikely to Have a Baby Shower

It's just not the royal approach.

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Waiting eagerly each day for Kensington Palace to share behind-the-scenes photos of ‘Pin The Crown on the Baby Bump’, or a personalized cake that reads ‘Mini Monarch in Progress’? Um, unfortunately, you might be left a little disappointed. With Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s first child due in just a few short months now, some royal family fans may have been anticipating the world’s cutest and classiest baby shower—but it's actually unlikely that the Duchess of Sussex will choose to throw a party.

Despite it being somewhat of an American tradition (and a huge celebrity one, too) to mark a pregnancy with your nearest and dearest girlfriends, L.A. born Meghan may have to forgo the pink and blue streamers herself. According to ABC News’ royal expert, Victoria Aribiter, it’s just not the done thing for the royal family, and a shower would probably be frowned upon.

If Meghan does decide that she’d like to throw a shower for the royal baby, it will likely be a very low-key affair like her bridal shower was, and we won't know much about it. As Arbiter told People magazine: "They have added pressure that they're clearly very wealthy and a lavish baby shower would be seen as highly inappropriate. There's nothing they can't go out and buy themselves.”

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We know from past celebrations like Meghan and Harry’s wedding that gifts are a little tricky for the royals (and not just because, like, what do you buy them?). The royals have a very strict policy about receiving gifts in general and usually have to respectfully return them, although it is more relaxed when it’s given by someone who’s personally known to the family. See, being married to a Prince isn’t all perfect, huh?

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In the end it will be down to mom-to-be Meghan to decide whether she’d like to throw a shower, but if I find out that there’s been a party and we DON’T get to see Meghan and Kate playing a blindfolded diaper changing game together, I want my money back.

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