Here's Why People Are Copying Meghan Markle's Eyebrows

Meghan Markle gets The Audrey at Nails & Brows Mayfair. The brow treatment costs $66 to get done.

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There is a lot to envy about Meghan Markle, and this week, the aspect of the Duchess that people are falling over themselves to emulate are her brows. In the brow coven's defense, Meghan's eyebrows are amazing. They're also amazingly affordable (as things that royals have go, anyway) to copy.

Turns out, Meghan's brows are the brainchild of Sherrille Riley, the founder of Nails & Brows Mayfair, a salon focused on waxing and haircuts—just kidding, they focus on nails and brows, clearly. Meghan has been a patron of Nails & Brows since she relocated to London in 2016 and has adopted one of the salon's signature brow 'dos.

Originally inspired by Audrey Hepburn, the style is classic and timeless, just like Meghan. Nails & Brow's website even brags that the Duchess of Sussex is a fan of the style on its website, right on the listing for the service:

Riley described what The Audrey (which might as well be renamed "The Meghan") looks like in an interview with the Evening Standard.

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"The style is designed to keep the brows full and straight, with the tail end gradually tapering off almost horizontally with a neat little upwards end," she said. "The shape really lifts the eyes open, creating a natural, modern look."

Getting the Audrey Brow costs £50 ($66) and women in London are apparently here for it. According to Express, the look is the "most in-demand shape" in London.

Riley says that The Audrey Brow's popularity signals a shift in brow trends, from 2018's thick, dark "Insta-Brow" to a more natural look—whether you're able to book an appointment in London to get The Audrey or not.

"The brows are less exaggerated in shape, which brings balance and harmony to the facial features, while instantly lifting the face to create an effortless look," Riley says of the new trend.

That all sounds great to us. And, if you have $66 (or, if you live in most places in the world, round trip airfare to London + $66), you can have eyebrows literally fit for a duchess.


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