Serena Williams Made ANOTHER Surprise Cameo on 'Lip Sync Battle' with Andy Roddick

Even with a loss in the quarter-finals of the Australian Open, Serena Williams is shaking it off, literally, with another major appearance on last night's Lip Sync Battle.

Serena Williams is on fire right now. Even with a loss in the quarter-finals of the Australian Open, Serena is shaking it off, literally, with another major appearance on last night's Lip Sync Battle. We got a preview of Serena reprising her role from the Beyoncé music video "Sorry" with actress and model Brooklyn Decker. Decker was facing off against her husband, tennis star Andy Roddick, and it made sense that Serena might playfully want to side against Roddick (girl power!). But it turns out that's not true. The tennis pro-designer-personality—and also maybe now TV star, I hope?—made an amazing cameo for Roddick, too.

Serena look ah-maze-ing in a color-blocked bodysuit (not too different from something she might wear on the court!), with a matching maxi cardigan and black combat boots. Her lipstick was a gorgeous pink contrast to the whole outfit, so hopefully she tells us on Instagram where she got it. Serena lip-synced Cardi B's section of Bruno Mars' "Finesse" perfectly, bringing an amazing energy, not to mention amazing dance moves, to the performance. She also embodied the song lyrics too: literally dripping in finesse.

Also super cute: Andy Roddick's derpy dancing and extremely fuzzy Bruno Mars wig. Brooklyn Decker, Chrissy Teigen, and LL Cool J were all big fans, clearly.

So who won the episode? Um, Serena, obviously. "I came to win! I can't lose!" she told LL Cool J laughingly.

As a reminder, here's Serena's Beyoncé performance from the same episode:


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Serena Williams Made a Surprise Beyoncé Cameo on 'Lip Sync Battle' With Brooklyn Decker


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Serena Williams Wore a Green Bodysuit and Fishnets For a Straight Sets Win at the Australian Open

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