Have Liam Payne and Naomi Campbell Broken Up for Good?

Model Naomi Campbell and singer Liam Payne haven't been shy about their attraction to each other. As of 2019, they're now just straight up openly flirting with each other on social media, and there have been photos of the two out and about together. So how did the couple get together, and what do we know about their relationship so far? 

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In the 2019 pairing nobody saw coming, Naomi Campbell and Liam Payne (opens in new tab) seem to be dating. The two haven't been shy about their attraction to each other—as of this month, they're now just straight up openly flirting with each other on social media, (opens in new tab) and there have been multiple photos (opens in new tab) of the two out and about together.

In 2018, both Campbell and Payne split from their respective partners, so both were single for a few months before the first time they were seen together in early 2018. Here's a comprehensive timeline of everything we know about these two so far.

February 2018

Okay, so this is pretty heavy on the speculation, but The Mirror (opens in new tab) reported all the way back to a year ago that both Payne and Campbell were partying together at the post-BAFTAs Vogue Fashion and Film event in London. There were no pics, and also The Mirror reported that Payne was cozying up to Rita Ora as well.

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So this may just be a case of two stars who just happened to be at the same event at the same time—or it could have been the beginning of the road for these two.

April 2018

In April, Campbell posed sexily on the cover of British GQ (opens in new tab) with her rumored boyfriend, rapper-songwriter-record producer Skepta. She didn't talk about her relationship, even though the two were rumored to be a power couple at the time.

June 2018

Payne officially confirms it's over (opens in new tab) with girlfriend and mother of his son, singer Cheryl Tweedy (who goes solely by her first name, Cheryl). The two were rumored to be having issues for months. "I'm a bit fragile at times," Payne tells Page Six.

August 2018

Campbell is single after allegedly breaking up with Skepta (opens in new tab) (she unfollowed him on social media, so that's usually a sign).

September 2018

Campbell holds hands with rapper Wizkid (opens in new tab), but there's not much news about the pairing beyond that.

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January 2019

In late January, the Campbell and Payne are spotted (opens in new tab) for the first time at Nigerian artist Davido's concert at London's O2 stadium together. They didn't take pictures together, but reportedly arrived and left together.

This is also the month where they just completely go for it on social media, posting sexy comments on each other's posts for the entire world to see. Payne even calls Campbell "perfection in a person," which, TRUE, and also, SEXY.

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February 2019

Photos emerge (opens in new tab) of the couple dining out together in Ghana (the photos are from early January—apparently the couple might have been ringing in the new year together) as the Daily Mail (opens in new tab) speculates the two have been dating for two months. Apparently the sex is "mindblowing" and Payne "can't believe his luck," a source told The Sun

For those of us keeping an eye on social media (so, probably a lot of people), Campbell and Payne didn't make any more big declarations, but they've continued to "like" each other's posts on a regular basis.

Later in February 2019

Later that same month, Payne raised some eyebrows when he posted a photo saying how nice it was to meet Bella Hadid after he went to her party (opens in new tab). Was he moving on? Putting rumors to rest, Campbell liked the post, showing that she has no issues with the (probably platonic) meeting.

During the 2019 Brit Awards, Jack Whitehall did a bit about Payne's potential relationship (opens in new tab) before Payne and Winnie Harlow presented an award. Calling Payne "supermodel Naomi Campbell's current squeeze," he went on: "His surname's Payne, which is what he'll be in a world of if he crosses her—it's Liam Payne and Winnie Harlow."

It made for a squirmy moment for Payne, who looked uncomfortable and obviously didn't take the opportunity (or any opportunity) to confirm or deny the rumors. Could it mean the two are over? No idea.

March 2019

Naomi finally responds (opens in new tab) to the question if she's dating Liam Payne—with a non-answer, of course. Speaking to British TV host Jonathan Ross, who asked, "There’s been a lot of headlines recently, Naomi, connecting you to Mr. Liam Payne, formally of One Direction. Any truth to these rumors?"

Campbell was initially stoic, then apparently smirked and replied simply, “I never discuss my personal life.” Sigh. That is very non-descriptive.

April 2019

According to the Daily Mail (opens in new tab), not only have Liam and Naomi broken up (gasp!) but Liam has reportedly already moved on with Victoria's Secret model Stella Maxwell. (Pictures at the link, but they're grainy and don't show much. Apparently they were seen dining together in Berlin. If Stella's name sounds familiar, it's because she dated Kristen Stewart for a while (opens in new tab) before Kristen moved on to Sara Dinkin. Looks like Stella's moved on, too, maybe?

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No comment from either Liam or Naomi—but this might not be good news for the pair.

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