Are Liam Payne and Naomi Campbell Dating? There Are Some Major Clues

These Instagram comments though.

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You know how 2018 brought us some interesting, unexpected celebrity romances? Well, it looks like 2019 is like, "hold my drink," because Liam Payne (opens in new tab) (yes, as in former One Direction (opens in new tab) member Liam Payne) and Naomi Campbell (opens in new tab) (yes, as in world-famous supermodel and successful businesswoman Naomi Campbell) might be a thing.

Or they might be gearing up to be a thing. Or they might just be toying with the idea of maybe, possibly, but not probably being a thing. It's hard to say, really, but what we do know for sure is that Payne and Campbell are flirting openly (opens in new tab) and publicly with each other on Instagram and jaws around the world are on the floor as a result.

Here's how it started: On Friday, Campbell took to Instagram to post a selfie. Clearly, she looked incredible in said selfie, as she always does. The fact the Naomi Campbell (opens in new tab) is basically perfect goes without saying—unless you're 2019 Liam Payne (opens in new tab), that is, because then, you take the opportunity to say it.

"Perfection in a person 🌹 ... don't give me those eyes 👀😘," Liam wrote in a comment on the picture. Between calling her literally perfect, commenting on her epic eyes, and including both a rose and a kissy face emoji, there is no way to read this comment as anything other than flirty.

Here's the selfie that started it all, if you need to see it with your own 👀:

This isn't even the beginning of the pair's Instagram flirtation. Earlier this week, Campbell made the first move with a flirty comment on one of Payne's pics, and he responded in flirty kind.

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"Beautiful Soul ❤️," Campbell wrote in the comments of the picture above. Liam replied, "takes one to know one 😘."

Comments by Celebs captured the exchange for posterity:

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