What 'Bachelor' Contestant Cassie Randolph's Instagram Tells Us About Her Post-Show Life

From what we've seen so far on The Bachelor, it's clear that Colton Underwood and Cassie Randolph have serious chemistry. But in terms of Cassie's Bachelor edit, she hasn't been featured all that much.

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From beginning to end of this season of the The Bachelor, it was clear that Colton Underwood and Cassie Randolph had serious chemistry. And when Cassie left Colton high and dry—which, here, is a euphemism for "quitting the show and jumping over a wall"—the entire premise of the show was thrown for a loop. How could Colton pick one of the two remaining women to spend the rest of his life with, if the woman he confessed he'd always wanted had already left? So we dug through Cassie's social media for a spoiler-free look at what happened next, and dug up some intriguing hints about the two of them. Hmmm.

In terms of Cassie's Bachelor edit, she actually hadn't been featured that much until the final weeks—much more screen time had gone to Hannah Alabama, Caelynn, Demi, et al–but Cassie turned out to be the linchpin of the series. (Who could forget that bitterly hard-to-watch breakup conversation?) Anyway, here's what we discovered from a deep-dive into her Instagram post-show.

I present: This Instagram, in which Cassie reveals that she filled three journals' worth of musings about her Bachelor experience. The last time I filled three journals, I was a teenager and brimming with feelings about, well, everything.

She's been open about starring in Young Once.

In the Christian campus series Young Once, Cassie dated her costar Caelan on and off. The second series aired alongside the Bachelor, making it look like there might have been overlap between Cassie's relationships with Caelan and Colton.


Cassie quickly clarified on Instagram that the two shows had been filmed at totally different times: "We filmed for several weeks prior to Caelan heading to Asia to play pro basketball and before I found out that I was cast for Bachelor. The timing of everything was completely chance."

She's got a sense of humor about the show.

In the kind of self-aware move that I love, Cassie posted a video of her and Colton's one-on-one and joked, "Promise we did a lot more than just make out our entire date 🤔💋." This could mean a couple things: Maybe that they did more talking than the episode showed...or they did MORE than kissing. Or both??

Her family is still her support system.

Randolph has been spending time with her brother and sister recently, and she travels with her family on the regular. She supports her actress sister, Michelle, and says they're BFFs.

Michelle is known for movies like Snow White Christmas and House of the Witch, and she's also dating Gregg Sulkin, who you might remember from The Runaways. 

She's traveled since the show wrapped.

Randolph spent most of Southeast Asia in December, where she attended a wedding, laid by the pool, munched on some delicacies with her family, and generally gave us vacation envy. Randolph's Instagram is basically focused on those things: Family and travel, with a bit of L.A. weather and boho-chic fashion thrown in there for good measure.

Otherwise, she's a homebody right now.

Randolph's in grad school for speech pathology and just finished her winter term, so that could explain her fairly quiet life of late. (Plus, she clearly loves chilling with her cats, per the caption.) But could that also be a hint about her fate on the show??

She used to be a video blogger.

In an account that has since been deleted (maybe because of the show?), Randolph used to post videos that featured, you guessed it, family and travel, with a bit of good weather and boho chic fashion thrown in there for good measure. In the post below, there are still a few snippets of her vlog still available.

Looks like it was perfect prep for The Bachelor?

She's a major team player.

Despite the crazy drama going on this season, Randolph is taking the high road. She calls the other 29 contestants "lifelong friends" and said that the women support each other.

In one post, she alludes to Caelynn's big discussion with Colton about being a survivor with the hope that it might empower others and create dialogue, which is sweet.

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