Who is 'Bachelor' Contestant Cassie Randolph?

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Colton Underwood is beginning to narrow down his selection of bachelorettes on the 23rd season of The Bachelor, although the virgin jokes/references show no sign of fading. But one contestant in particular feels like she's destined to go far in the show: Cassie Randolph, the family-oriented 23-year-old Californian speech pathologist. The trick to knowing who's going to go far, if you so choose, is to look closely at the previews—and Cassie's in a bunch of them.

Here's what we know about Randolph thus far.

She's in grad school.

After a hiatus to film The Bachelor, Randolph got back to work with her classes. In an Instagram post, she clarified that she is studying to be a speech pathologist and is currently a speech assistant—apparently she was getting flack for using the full title.

She's a true California girl.

In the premiere, Randolph was adamant that she love, love, loves the beach. On her Bachelor profile, she said she "grew up at the beach and is an avid surfer." She's also close to her family, saying she'd never turn her back on them even for love.

Also, she has two super-cute cats, Maverick and Goose. I like her already: Even though she's young, she knows a good Top Gun reference!

Her sister's in entertainment, too.

Randolph's younger sister Michelle is an actress who appeared in 2017's horror film House of the Witch and the made-for-TV special A Snow White Christmas. Michelle is dating British actor Gregg Sulkin of Marvel's Runaways and Wizards of Waverley Place, so maybe a future double date is on the cards?

She told Colton she had butterflies—literally.

When she stepped out of the limo to meet Underwood for first time, Randolph had a cute surprise for the former football player: A box of fake butterflies to signify how nervous she was. Underwood was sweet about it, telling her that she had no reason to be nervous and helping her dump them onto the ground.

On Instagram, she joked that she'd planned for the butterflies to be alive. That probably would have made her a memorable contestant for the WRONG reasons, so it's probably best she stuck with plastic.

She's done well on the group activities so far.

In episode 2, Randolph was part of the winning red team that got the chance to stay the night with Colton and spend some quality time with him (not in the bedroom, of course, though you can bet plenty of virgin jokes were made anyway).

Let's see how far Randolph gets in her quest!

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