Who is 'Bachelor' Contestant Cassie Randolph, Who Stole—and Broke—Colton's Heart?

Her Fantasy Suite date devolved into pure chaos.

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It finally happened, and now we know why—Colton Underwood's favorite Bachelor contestant, Cassie Randolph, quit the show because she wasn't ready to get engaged to Colton, and Colton flipped out, ripped out his microphone, and hopped over a fence in the middle of Portugal. To add insult to injury, Colton is now the most dumped Bachelor in The Bachelor history. Oh, buddy. 

Cassie, the family-oriented 23-year-old Californian speech pathologist, had instant chemistry with Colton, but as the show went on, it became clearer that Cassie (and her family) weren't as wild about the whole situation as Colton was. The situation played out in hard-to-watch slow motion, with Colton's slow realization of what was happening written all over his face, and Cassie flip-flopping between her dad's advice—her dad actually flew to Portugal to remind her that she didn't seem ready to get married—and Colton's pleading.

Here's everything to know about the contestant, and how her journey thus far on The Bachelor has ended in tears. (No spoilers on this post, but if you're curious, you can go here to read about the finale).

After a hiatus to film The Bachelor, Cassie got back to work with her classes. In an Instagram post, she clarified that she is studying to be a speech pathologist and is currently a speech assistant—apparently she was getting flack for using the full title.

In the premiere, Cassie was adamant that she loves the beach. On her Bachelor profile, she said she "grew up at the beach and is an avid surfer." She's also close to her family, saying she'd never turn her back on them even for love (that's going to come into play later, as you'll see).


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What 'Bachelor' Contestant Cassie Randolph's Instagram Tells Us About Her Post-Show Life

Also, she has two super-cute cats, Maverick and Goose.

Cassie's younger sister Michelle is an actress who appeared in 2017's horror film House of the Witch and the made-for-TV special A Snow White Christmas. Michelle is dating British actor Gregg Sulkin of Marvel's Runaways and Wizards of Waverley Place.

More details here, but the gist is that Young Once is about Christian students attending the conservative Biola University in Southern California. Both Cassie and Michelle were on the show, and the second season played out at the same time as The Bachelor, despite having been filmed earlier. That's awkward, because Cassie's still hanging out with her ex in Young Once. After word got out, Cassie had to take to Instagram to address the show.

When she stepped out of the limo to meet Colton for first time, Cassie had a cute surprise for the former football player: A box of fake butterflies to signify how nervous she was. Colton was sweet about it, telling her that she had no reason to be nervous and helping her dump them onto the ground.

In episode 2, Cassie was part of the winning red team that got the chance to stay the night with Colton and spend some quality time with him.

Though Cassie insisted that they did more than just make out, their one-on-one edit was mostly them making out in the ocean, on the beach, basically everywhere. One thing was abundantly clear: There was super-chemistry between the two. Interestingly, we get the first glimpse of Cassie's hesitation here, when she explains that the revelation she's not a virgin might not sit well with her friends and family back home.

Colton couldn't have been happier to head to Cassie's home and meet her family, completely oblivious to her family's stunned reaction of this (to them) stranger so lovey-dovey with their daughter after a whole six weeks of knowing her. Cassie's dad called him, hilariously, "a guy," and didn't give Colton his blessing when he asked.

Technically, the trouble started earlier that day, when Colton told Cassie he hadn't gotten her dad's approval. Cassie visibly started to melt down, and then the Bachelor producers literally flew in her father to hammer home those doubts.

Cassie sat down with Colton determined to leave, but he pleaded for her to stick it out with him. Cassie said she was "confused" a lot, left the table, second-guessed herself, and then finally told Colton she wasn't sure she could "get there" with him. Then she quit the show, and then COLTON quit the show too. 

As usual, Bachelor fans were quick to take to Twitter with some stellar reactions (go here for more).

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