Jenna Dewan Is Giving Us Her Best Lifestyle Tips In New Book 'Gracefully You'

Jenna Dewan just continues to branch out into new territory. Once simply known as a dancer and actress in Step Up and the stylish plus-one to Channing Tatum, Dewan has a Danskin clothing line, a lip line by Young Living, a role on The Resident, AND a reputation as a style icon. So what more could she do to impress us? She's writing a book, apparently.

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Jenna Dewan continues to branch out into new territory. Once known as a dancer and actress in Step Up and the stylish plus-one to Channing Tatum (which would already be impressive, btw), Jenna Dewan has now carved a style and lifestyle niche for herself. At this point, she has a Danskin clothing line, a lip line called Savvy Minerals by Young Living, a recurring acting role on The Resident, AND a reputation as a sexy style icon. So what more could she do to impress us? She's writing a book, apparently.

*Aaaand clicks preorder immediately*

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the book will come out in October, and it's a hardcover, coffe-table style book. It's called Gracefully You: How to Live Your Best Life Every Day—great tie-in with her history as a dancer! The book will apparently cover "life’s challenges and how Dewan overcomes negativity." Honestly, I need that in my life IMMEDIATELY, so I'm not sure how I'm going to wait until October.

In addition to likely gorgeous photos of Dewan, her fashion, and her home, there'll be "advice for happiness, physical health, mental health, motherhood, self-care, meditation, nutrition and friendship."

Yesterday, Dewan officially announced the news on Instagram, giving us a sneak preview of the gorgeous book cover. She added a little bit more about what we can expect from the book: "It’s all about learning to connect deeply and find happiness in every aspect of your life through all the ups and downs. It’ll be full of stories and photos from my life, as well as suggestions for home, health and relationships to help you live your best life."

I'm really excited, and I hope she talks about her cute boyfriend Steve Kazee and adorable daughter Everly Tatum. Are you intrigued?

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