Jenna Dewan Launches Her Danskin Capsule Collection In Stores

Jenna Dewan's new capsule collection for Danskin officially launched online on November 15. The line includes 30 items total, including athleisure bodysuits, leggings, hoodies, and leotards. Yesterday, the dancer-actor-designer officially launched the sexy line in Six:02 stores.

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Three weeks ago, Jenna Dewan's new capsule collection for Danskin officially launched online. The Jenna Dewan x Danskin line has 30 items, and includes athleisure bodysuits, leggings, hoodies, and leotards. It's been garnering rave reviews, (including from us!), and Dewan has been showing off some of her favorite pieces on social media. Yesterday, the dancer-actor-designer officially launched the line in stores as well—specifically, Six:02 stores, as well as the Six:02 website.

If you haven't heard of the store, Six:02 is all about casual style that translates from the gym to the street. The store has locations in eight states, including New York and California. During the launch at the Hollywood & Highland store, Dewan shared behind-the-scene snaps on her Instagram as well as live video of her interview with her pal Brad Goreski, celebrity stylist.

In a previous interview with, Dewan raved about the collaboration with Danskin, saying, "My very first leotard was from here." But the line isn't just for dancers—it's for everyone who wants to look majorly sexy on the go. "My biggest motivation was to create a collection for the busy woman—someone who wants to wear this throughout their day and into the night."

Each piece is under $100, so it's also affordable. "You can wear the pieces to the gym, to run errands, and you can also transition them for a date night or a night out with your girlfriends," she explained. "They're classic yet edgy. There's a sexy feel to a lot of them. But really, it's about women being able to wear them everywhere."

She shared more pictures from the official launch on her Instagram and Insta Stories:

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Did someone say holiday wishlist? (Me!)

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