Who Is Anthony De La Torre, Lana Condor's Boyfriend and Fellow Actor?

They've been dating for more than five years.

Fans of the To All the Boys I've Loved Before seriesso, most of us—obsess over the love story that is Peter Kavinsky and Lara Jean Covey. In Cosmopolitan feature, Condor revealed that fans have said "horrible things" to Condor's actual boyfriend, Anthony De La Torre, because they were so into the dynamic between her and her co-star Noah Centineo. But, no, Condor and Centineo were never a thing. She's been dating De La Torre for at least two years. And, honestly, it's time to ship it.

Since her Cosmopolitan interview, Condor has talked a little bit more about her IRL relationship, which means we now know more about this cute couple and how they got together. Like...

He's an actor, too.

You might have spotted De La Torre as a young Jack Sparrow in Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales. Like his girlfriend, he's a rising star. He was recently featured in the film called Lords of Chaos, about, and I quote, "a teenager's quest to launch Norwegian Black Metal in Oslo in the early 1990s."

The two have been dating for five years.

Apparently, the two met at an industry event, although Condor didn't specify which one. She told Us Weekly that De La Torre's pickup line was sweet and very innocuous. "His pickup line was just, 'Hey, I’m Anthony. I thought I’d make a friend,'" she said. "So you go and you do that."

In an Instagram post commemorating their five year anniversary, De La Torre wrote, "5 years ago we went on our first date and saw a movie called The Gift. While the plot of the film in no way represents our life, the name of the movie couldn't be more fitting to what you are. The greatest gift I've ever been blessed and entrusted with."

No, you're crying!

He's a great dancer.

"I mean, he puts me to shame," Condor told Us Weekly. "Usually, I just stand and watch." Handsome and talented? Damn.

And he's a musician.

Aside from the aforementioned role in Lords of Chaos, De La Torre also plays guitar in his spare time. (Condor liked the photo below, because, well, obviously.)

Speaking to Marie Claire for our spring 2021 issue, Condor even revealed that one of her favorite songs is De La Torre's "Nothing Like Heaven."

"The best love song is 'Nothing Like Heaven,'" she said. "He’s my boyfriend and wrote it for me, so I’m definitely biased!"

The couple has released three songs together.

Condor and De La Torre dropped "Raining in London," "I Like Me Better," and "No Way" just last year. The songs are sweet duets about their relationship. They even made up a little dance to go with "No Way":

They adore each other.

In her Cosmopolitan cover story, Condor explained, "There’s no other person in this world I want to spend every day doing nothing with…and you best believe I’m gonna hold on to him real tight." So cute! 

Even though the couple is low-key (the trolling once made De La Torre turn off comments on Instagram) he still makes sure to communicate how much he loves Condor on social media.

He writes her love letters.

Like real, hard-copy, pen and paper letters. Condor told Us Weekly, "He’s done that since we started dating and I keep them all. We try to keep the spark alive!" He's like her real-life Peter Kavinsky!

He joined her on an H&M campaign.

Of the photos, Condor called De La Torre "my most handsome accessory!"

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He's attended events with her (pre-COVID, of course).

De La Torre joined Condor for the 2019 BAFTA tea party, and the pair looked super sweet.

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