Ariana Grande Got Hilariously Trolled by Pet Subscription Company BarkBox

The shade is REAL.

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  • Ariana Grande, who's basically at peak popularity right now, is continuing to engage with her fans in preparation for her 2019 tour.
  • But toys and treats subscription service BarkBox was not having it, instead begging for more pictures of the real star—Ariana's pet beagle-chihuahua mix Toulouse.
  • Ariana is also making history in a big way with her headlining performance at Coachella 2019.

We're going to be seeing a lot of Ariana Grande in the coming months for her upcoming tour, which will likely feature her already record-breaking songs from album Thank U, Next. As reported by BBC News, her album has already outsold her other 5 albums combined. "Thank U, Next" broke the U.S. all-time single week streaming record for an album by a female artist. Ariana's already given us a few hints about what that tour is going to look like, and is starting to step up her engagement with fans, whom she's already well-known for having a direct and personal relationship with. But one of her fans is just not having it.

Toys and treats subscription company BarkBox instead took to Instagram to take Ariana to TASK for a hilarious reason. Apparently, BarkBox doesn't care about Ariana's music or her record-breaking performances. All BarkBox wants is more pictures of Ariana's beagle-chihuahua, Toulouse. And they were super vocal about it.

In one of Ariana's cute Valentine's-themed pictures with heart glitter on her face, BarkBox wasted no time: "ONCE AGAIN I came here looking for Toulouse and got STUNTED ON, ARI." I also want more dog photos, so I'm actually in agreement with BarkBox on this one. MORE DOGS always.

Here's the image of Ariana's cute post with the heart glitter:

Here's the image of BarkBox's comeback:

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(Image credit: Ariana Grande)

Ariana didn't respond, but it's all in good fun. Plus, she does put all her dogs and pig on her stories and feed, so I'm sure more is coming.

So cute. More please!

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