Prince William's Motorcycling Hobby "Frightened the Life Out of" Queen Elizabeth

Prince William used to love to ride motorcycles. The hobby reportedly scared his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth.

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The Queen has a lot of say (opens in new tab) over what the other members of the royal family can do with their lives—including, in some cases, who they can marry (opens in new tab). Even the Queen can't control everything though, and apparently that includes royal hobbies. Prince William, in particular, used to have a favorite hobby that Queen Elizabeth (opens in new tab) was decidedly not a fan of.

That hobby? Riding motorcycles. According to Express (opens in new tab), Will has gushed about his love for bikes, saying: 

Prince William, Duke of Cambridge Visits The Isle of Man

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He continued:

Prince William on Motorbike

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According to royal photographer James Whitaker, however, Queen Elizabeth (opens in new tab) didn't like Will's favorite hobby.

"I think it frightens the life out of people at Buckingham Palace and almost certainly, the Queen too. It is a strange thing," he said. "His mother was constantly fleeing from the paparazzi, who were on motorbikes. Now her son is using a motorbike for the same sort of reasons."

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