Queen Elizabeth Looks Amazingly Regal in Her New Royal Portrait

Two new portraits of Queen Elizabeth II have been unveiled. In the first, she looks classically regal.

Pop quiz: Is it possible for Queen Elizabeth II to look more regal than she does on a daily basis?

Answer: Yes. Yes it is and the new official portrait of the 92-year-old monarch is all the proof you need of that. The new portrait of Elizabeth looks like something right out of a history book. In the painting, the Queen wears her velvet green grand ceremonial robes, along with the Order of Thistle collar, featuring a pendant of St. Andrews (which is the highest order of chivalry in Scotland, according to The Cut).

The incredible work of art will be on display in the Royal Dining Room at Holyrood House in Edinburgh, Scotland, but we can't help but kind of hope that the royal family loans it out to a museum and that museums sends it on an international tour.

The talented artist behind the stunningly regal portrait is British painter Nicky Philipps, who is a favorite artist of the royal family. Philipps is known in royal-loving circles for painting the first double portrait of Prince William and Harry in 2010 and she had already painted Queen Elizabeth twice before completing her most recent work of royal art.

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On November 30, Elizabeth viewed another portrait of herself (seen above), which was commissioned by the RAF Regiment to celebrate its 75th anniversary. She was photographed looking at the painting in the White Drawing Room at Windsor Castle.

The RAF Regiment painting, created by artist Stuart Brown, depicts Elizabeth looking more everyday regal, wearing a modern blue dress and a brooch, which shows the Astral Crown and crossed Lee Enfield rifles, that was presented to her by the RAF Regiment.

Soooooo...when is the Museum of Queen Elizabeth portraits opening?

Kayleigh Roberts
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