A Stylist Explains the Practical Reason Meghan Markle Might Love Her Low-Bun Look So Much

A stylist in London explains why Meghan Markle might love wearing her hair in buns so much. The Duchess of Sussex frequently wears the style.

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  • Meghan Markle is known for wearing her hair in a chic, low bun, even to formal royal events.
  • In an interview with Express, Troy Alexandros from Soho-based Salon64 explained that Meghan's love of low buns might be a result of her naturally curly hair.
  • According to the stylist, the bun is an easy way to cover up curly roots and create a stylish, professional look quickly.

Things Meghan Markle loves: Cooking, Prince Harry, doing charity work, and wearing her hair in a low bun. now, thanks to a London stylist, we might have some new insight into why she loves the low bun so much.

In an interview with Express, Troy Alexandros from Soho-based Salon64 explained that Meghan's naturally curly hair might be at the root (pun 60 percent intended) of her love affair with buns. Low bun and top knot-loving women around the world can relate to the reason—it's an easy way to tame hair that's doing what it wants and not what you want.

"Meghan's hair is naturally very very curly, after years of Brazilian blow-dry sessions the hair can become straighter than before. This can cause a curlier root which is definitely not a good look for someone always in the press!

"I do wonder if Meghan just hasn't found the time to get her keratin topped up and has found a fantastic trick of hiding this.

"A tidy up do is also a great way to hide fuzzy edges and curls which can appear after a hard busy day of royal affairs."

Same, but for work and not "royal affairs."


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