Why Baby Sussex Didn't Make a Hospital Appearance Like George, Charlotte, and Louis

Meghan Markle will be giving birth to her and Prince Harry's first child any day now, but instead of following royal tradition and making an appearance at the hospital, the Duke and Duchess will exit privately with their baby. Find out why here.

On Monday, Kensington Palace confirmed the big news: Meghan Markle has had her first child with Prince Harry, a son weighing seven pounds and three ounces. While many of the details around the birth remain secret—Meghan Markle is at home in Frogmore Cottage, according to the Palace's statement, meaning that she either gave birth there or was able to quietly leave the hospital remarkably quickly—we do know the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are choosing not to have baby Sussex make its first appearance at the hospital, breaking royal tradition. According to royal reporter Rebecca English, Harry and Meghan will have a photocall around two days after the birth.

"Their Royal Highnesses have taken a personal decision to keep the plans around the arrival of their baby private," Buckingham Palace said in a statement. "The Duke and Duchess look forward to sharing the exciting news with everyone once they have had an opportunity to celebrate privately as a new family." The media will, however, be told when Meghan is in labor and when baby Sussex is born.

Royal mothers including Princess Diana and Kate Middleton presented their children to the world by stepping out of the hospital after their births. Following Prince Louis' birth last year, Kate made an appearance outside of the hospital a mere seven hours (!) later, though fans criticized her for setting unrealistic standards for new moms.

Meghan, it seems, wants to take a more subtle approach (spending time with her child in private, then showing him or her to the world when she's ready), which is totally reasonable. Unlike George, Charlotte, and Louis, baby Sussex isn't directly in line to the throne. (It's seventh, and has a long way to go.)

Here's Will and Kate announcing the birth of Prince George in 2013:

And Princess Charlotte in 2015:

And Prince Louis in 2018:

Though it would have been exciting to see baby Sussex right away, I'll just be over here patiently waiting for those first Instagram pictures.

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