Baby Sussex's Gifts From Australian Fans Include 11 Stuffed Koalas and Three Boomerangs

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    • Baby Sussex got 236 gifts in all, including stuffed koalas, kangaroos, and echidna, as well as didgeridoos and boomerangs from the Australia trip.

        Apparently it is royals gifts day in the U.K., which means that, as seems fairly self-explanatory, the lists of the gifts the British royals received are published. And the big winner in today's findings is Baby Sussex, a.k.a. Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's little boy or girl: a whopping 236 presents in total JUST in the last two months of 2018, following the baby announcement. And the details are incredible.

        From the Australia tour, per The Telegraph:

        They were handed at least 97 soft toys and teddies, including 11 koalas, five kangaroos, four kiwis and one echidna. There were ten baby blankets and three shawls, lovingly homemade by wellwishers, with at least eight pairs of tiny baby socks, 14 booties, 14 vests and two bibs. Two didgeridoos were brought home along with three boomerangs and—usefully—a large toy box. Some 118 books were also offered to the Duke and Duchess, many known to be favourite children's stories of the fans who handed them over.

        Oh my god that didgeridoo is gonna be SO MUCH TROUBLE, especially if cousins Prince George and Louis get ahold of it. Same with the boomerangs, actually, although I could see that being a fun activity with Prince Harry racing after it on the lawns of Frogmore Cottage.

        Also, an echidna looks like a spiny anteater, if you're curious.

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        And here's the cute muffin in the flesh (spines?), as Harry and Meghan got to meet and touch a real one:

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        Now, the most important question: DID Harry and Meghan have to write individual, personalized thank you cards for all these presents?

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