Will Meghan Markle Give Birth at Frogmore Cottage, Instead of at a Hospital?

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    • "It is her favoured choice," a source said, "but it obviously depends on how things are nearer the time."

        Despite a ton of speculation, no one really knows where Meghan Markle is set to deliver her first child with Prince Harry. Now, the Daily Mail is reporting that Meghan Markle won't be headed to a hospital at all and wants to have a midwife-led birth at Frogmore Cottage. Sources also say, "Harry and Meghan...have not ruled out a hospital delivery because a woman having a baby over the age of 35 is at an increased risk of premature birth or the need for an epidural or caesarean."

        "It is her favoured choice," a source added, "but it obviously depends on how things are nearer the time."

        For context, there's been speculation about where Meghan is going to deliver: Will it be the Lindo Wing, where Kate Middleton has delivered her three babies? (The staff was recently told not to take vacations in April.) Will it be closer to where she and Harry live in Windsor, perhaps the Frimley Park Hospital where Sophie, Countess of Wessex delivered? And, quite obviously, the British royal family is not saying, first and foremost for security reasons.

        Queen Elizabeth apparently had home births when she delivered (of course, this was many decades ago at this point). So it's not outside of royal tradition to have a home birth, and they very likely have the very best medical care around. It might also be a little more private, and allow Harry and Meghan to choose how and when to share the news without undue pressure. When William and Kate went into the hospital, it was often reported, and crowds would gather outside the hospital in anticipation. Reportedly, Harry and Meghan felt that this setup was like a "goldfish bowl."

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        Either way, it's going to be a wonderfully busy and hectic time for the mom-to-be.

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