Blake Lively Confirmed to Ryan Reynolds That Detective Pikachu Is Indeed, Hot

The expert has spoken.

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  • Just in case you were still wrestling with the idea, Blake Lively has confirmed that she thinks Detective Pikachu is hot, and her husband Ryan Reynolds is totally okay with it.
  • Reynolds, who voices live-action Pikachu in the upcoming new Pokémon movie, responded to a comment that wife Lively left on the very important matter.
  • The couple are experts at trolling each other across social media, but this might be their best moment yet.

With everything that’s going on in the world right now, it’s really all we can do as a collective to not just give up and run for the hills to start afresh. But, seeing as the hills are kind of far away, and seeing as Game of Thrones starts next week, it’s instead much easier to just ignore the dumpster fire of life and focus on more pressing matters. Y’know, like is the new live-action Detective Pikachu actually hot?

The staff of have already debated this at length, and it proved divisive, to say the least.

But if you, like us, were still contemplating whether or not that tiny little, super soft, yellow fluffball, who comes armed with a killer sense of humor and an electrically charged tail, is something that you can get romantically on board with, then please allow Blake Lively to make the call for you.

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I mean, she should know. She’s the wife of the voice of Detective Pikachu himself, so if she says he’s hot, then she’s probably right.

Spotted by @commentsbycelebs, Lively left her encouraging and supportive feedback on Reynolds’ latest Instagram post promoting the POKÉMON Detective Pikachu film. Sharing a still of Pikachu, which he jokingly described as “footage from my ACTUAL audition”, Lively asked underneath: “is it wrong to say I’d tap that??”

Luckily (and amazingly), Reynolds wasn’t freaked out by the admission from his wife of six years. Instead, in their usual hilarious, couple goals style, he just responded: “This is easily the best fan-fiction I’ve ever read.”

Oh yep, there we go, the latest reminder that they’re the greatest celebrity couple in existence. It’s not the first time that these two have relentlessly trolled each other on social media, and it definitely won’t be the last.

The debate continues.

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