Mindy Kaling and Priyanka Chopra Team Up on Star-Studded Indian Wedding Comedy

It's currently untitled, but already sounds brilliant.

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It took a while to get there (and there’s still a long way to go), but Hollywood is finally waking up to the importance of diversity and representation in film. The movie industry has seen huge success with female-dominated films like Ocean's Eight, black excellence films like Black Panther, and all-Asian casts with Crazy Rich Asians.

Now, please make way for Priyanka Chopra and Mindy Kaling, who are about to create what’s sure to be your new favorite comedy. It’s been reported by Deadline that Kaling and Chopra have teamed up together on their latest project, to bring a star-studded Indian wedding comedy to the big screen.

Plot-wise, the film will reportedly take place across both America and India, and give a romcom twist to a huge wedding in India, along with the culture clashing that ensues with the relationship. Per Deadline, it’s already being dubbed as "Crazy Rich Asians meets My Big Fat Greek Wedding."

Um, is this also starring the Jonas Brothers and Sophie Turner?

The movie is already highly anticipated with a selection of big names like Sony, Netflix and Amazon Studios battling it out for the rights to this one. In the end, Universal came out on top. As well as starring in the film, Mindy may also be directing the project and will definitely be behind the writing too, along with her Brooklyn Nine-Nine co-creator, Dan Goor. Told you it sounded like a recipe for super success.

It goes without saying that Priyanka is the perfect choice on all things wedding for the project, after pulling off the most lavish and luxury big day (or should I say selection of big days) last year with her new husband, Nick Jonas. If this movie doesn’t feature a 75 foot long veil for the bride, then something’s gone terribly wrong.

As for Mindy, she can add this one to her VERY long To Do list, along with Late Night with Emma Thompson, the Four Weddings and a Funeral TV series adaptation, and her new Netflix series currently casting for real people.

I’m already VERY excited for this one.

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