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The Head of Prince William and Kate Middleton's College Predicted Their Marriage

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  • Way back on their first day of college, Prince William and Kate Middleton's old school principal and vice chancellor, Brian Lang, predicted their eventual marriage.
    • Lang was speaking generally about the fact that Will, Kate, and their St. Andrews classmates could meet their future spouses at the school, but the speech still reads as prophetic today.
      • Royal expert and biographer Katie Nicholl shares the speech in her biography of Kate, Kate: The Future Queen.

        Today, it feels like Prince William and Kate Middleton's love was written in the stars—but some have been predicting their happily ever after for years.

        One person in Will and Kate's life predicted their eventual marriage before they had even formally met—Brian Lang, the principal and vice chancellor of their college, St. Andrews University. Granted, Lang wasn't predicting Will and Kate's love specifically.

        During his welcoming address to students when Will and Kate were freshmen, Lang made some pretty prophetic statements about their future. In her book Kate: The Future Queen, royal expert and biographer Katie Nicholl shares Lang's fortunetelling address:

        "After telling his nervous students that they would need to work hard and behave themselves, his tone softened: 'And if you do work hard,' he said, 'you will enjoy a good social life here.' He paused. 'In fact, look around you. You could, at this very moment, be looking at your future spouse.' The undergraduates glanced around and exchanged shy smiles. Even if they weren't looking at their future husbands and wives, these would likely be their friends for life."

        Choosing to imagine that Will and Kate locked eyes and shared one of those shy smiles during the speech.

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