Prince George Told Kate Middleton That She's "Rubbish" at Soccer

All hail the Duke of Brutal Honesty. 

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  • Last week, during a royal visit to Northern Ireland, Kate Middleton played a little soccer (or, as they call it on the other side of the pond, football) with a group of children at the Windsor Park football stadium.
  • The Duchess of Cambridge joked about her soccer skills (or lack thereof), saying that she should have picked up some tips from her oldest son, Prince George, who apparently loves to play the popular sport at home.
  • According to Kate, George doesn't think highly of her skills on the soccer field. She revealed that he told her "Mummy, you’re so rubbish," in reference to her soccer abilities.

Last week, Prince William and Kate Middleton traveled to Northern Ireland for a royal visit and, for Kate, a chance to channel iconic Harry Potter fashion

The couple's packed itinerary on the trip included meetings with the Police Service in Northern Ireland to hear about the challenges officers there face and taking part in a workshop at the Braid Arts Centre. But the real highlight came on the first day of the trip, when Kate visited Northern Ireland’s Windsor Park football stadium to run dribbling drills with a group of kids.

Turns out, Kate, like many 37-year-old mothers of three with a full-time job and a hectic schedule, has not made being a world-class soccer player a life priority. Go figure, right?

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During the event, Kate poked fun at her own lack of soccer-playing prowess, declaring that she should have prepared more for the "game."

“I should have picked up some tips from George,” she told the kids, according to The Telegraph.

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Apparently George, the future Duke of Brutal Honesty, holds nothing back with Kate when it comes to her soccer skillz. In fact, she revealed that her five-year-old literally tells her she's trash when it comes too playing the popular sport. Granted, even an epic put-down like this sounds cuter in Britspeak.

''Mummy, you’re so rubbish,'" she said, quoting George, who is apparently just learning to play himself.

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Please let Prince George have a Royal Burn Book and please let it leak.


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