Did Meghan Markle Have a Home Birth? Here's Every Clue

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It's finally happened! Baby Sussex has graced the world with his presence (yes, he—it's a boy!), and both Meghan Markle and the yet-to-be-named boy are apparently resting quietly and happily. It was already rumored that Meghan wanted to give birth at Frogmore Cottage instead of at a hospital, and had been working with a doula well in advance of the birth. So did she give birth at home, like she wanted? There are some clues that she might have. Update, 5/6: The Daily Mail reports that Meghan Markle gave birth in an unnamed London hospital, rather than have a home birth.

Original post: First, there's the timing of the birth itself, taken directly from Buckingham Palace's tweet: 0526. Right now the U.K. is five hours ahead of Eastern Standard Time, so that would have been 12:26 EST, just after midnight on Monday morning. Intriguingly, the announcement came that Meghan was in labor this morning, shortly before 9 a.m. EST, and then the notification came through that Meghan had already delivered hours earlier. What that means is that Meghan's exact labor timing was hidden, and that announcements were only released after the event happened.

Also, eagle-eyed reporters have been keeping an eye on Frogmore Cottage, and there were no reports of ambulances coming or going. Then, there's the fact that we have some more details from the birth announcement:

Notice that Doria Ragland is currently with Meghan (and presumably was during the birth, too, considering she flew to England a couple weeks before), and is with Harry and Meghan at Frogmore Cottage. That would be a very quick turnaround, to have Meghan deliver at a hospital at 5 a.m., then go back home, with no one spotting it, and now be home resting just after 2 p.m. Now, hospitals in the U.K. have a much quicker turnaround for sending new moms safely home than in the U.S., but again, that would be a lot of noticeable activity in a short time.

Then there's the fact that Harry briefly came to make a statement from outside Frogmore:

Prince Harry spoke briefly about how proud he was and to thank everyone for their love and support before going back inside. So Frogmore sounds like it was absolutely home base for all the activity.

Regardless of whether she did or not (really, until and if they tell us, we're guessing), the news is amazing. Welcome Baby Sussex!

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