Sophie Turner's Biggest Regret About Doing 'Game of Thrones' Was Not Being Able to Get Drunk in College

Sophie Turner says that her biggest regret about doing Game of Thrones was missing out on a normal college experience. She said she wishes she could have "gone out and drunk a lot and thrown up in the middle of a club."

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Growing up on the set of a hit series like Game of Thrones has its advantages and its drawbacks. Advantage: You're one of the stars of a mega-hit show like Game of Thrones. Drawback: You have to deal with the downsides that always come with fame, like a lack of privacy. Advantage: You get to wear amazing costumes. Drawback: You don't get to do normal teenage things, like going to college and drinking with friends.

Sophie Turner really feels that last on. During a recent appearance on the U.K.'s Graham Norton Show, Sophie opened up about what she felt she missed out on during her time playing Sansa Stark: 

During her appearance on the show, Sophie also shared some details about her quickie Vegas wedding to husband Joe Jonas:

And showed off her extreme flexibility:

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