Sophie Turner Shares Her Date Night Beauty Routine and Top Hair Coloring Tips

Plus, find out what her favorite "easy-peazy-lemon-squeezy" hairstyle is.

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Many know and love Sophie Turner as a redhead, thanks to her starring role in Game of Thrones. But though Turner's been playing her since she was 13-years-old, she's not Sansa with the scarlet hair anymore. The 22-year-old retired her red, and has been embracing an icy blonde that looks so good. "The hair color that is the most me is blonde," Turner shares. "It’s my natural hair color. With red hair, I feel like a classier and more empowered woman. But when I'm blonde I feel normal and tomboy-ish, which is more my personality."

Turner is the global brand ambassador for haircare line Wella Professionals. In celebration of the brand's recent launch of their new-and-improved coloring kit Koleston Perfect and Invigo Brilliance, a line of color protection products, Turner and I got to talk all things hair. Ahead, the actress tells me her top hair coloring tricks, her honest thoughts about wigs (which, surprise, she had to wear throughout the entire season seven of GoT), and we definitely discussed her date night beauty routine with fiancé Joe Jonas, because, obvi.

Turner's Secret Weapon

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If you mistakenly thought that red is her natural hair color because it looks so damn good on her, so did the rest of the world—it's okay. Since Turner is actually a natural blondie but constantly putting her hair through dye jobs, she relies on quality products to keep the condition in tip-top shape.

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"I'm constantly dyeing it and dyeing it, so to make sure my hair feels healthy I always use the Wella Koleston Perfect Dye when I'm coloring my hair," she says, which she loves because it coats her hair with an even tone of dye across her whole head, instead of leaving some blotchy spots like other at-home coloring kits. "For upkeep, I use the Wella Invigo Brilliance shampoo, conditioner, and their amazing mask, which keeps my hair really hydrated, shiny, healthy. I use it once a week, and it’s a lifesaver. I also love the Invigo Brilliance Miracle BB Spray—it has lime caviar in it, which gives my hair this crazy shine." Pro tip: BB spray can enhance the vibrancy of hair color, while also working to smooth and detangle hair.

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Her Go-To Date Night Beauty Look

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When Turner's getting ready for date night with her future hubby Joe Jonas, who she is officially engaged to and in wedding planning mode with (!!!), she turns her makeup all the way up. "I love doing a dark or brown smokey eye paired with a nude-colored lip," she says. "For hair, I do my go-to, which is straight with a middle part tucked behind my ears. I keep it simple because stylists do it better than I ever could. I can keep it healthy, that’s for sure, but I’m bad at styling it myself. It's sleek, simple, and not complicated—easy-peazy lemon-squeezy."

Her Favorite Red Carpet Look

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In the eight year that Turner's been an actress in a MAJOR show, she's walked a lot of red carpets. And her preferred look is actually far from elaborate—though still glam. "My favorite red carpet beauty look is very simple," she describes. "It was at the 2017 Golden Globes when I wore poker-straight hair with a side part tucked behind my ears. I wore this style with really dark eyes and a cool asymmetrical black and white dress. It was my edgiest red carpet look and felt the most me."

The Truth About Sansa's Season Seven Hair

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While filming season seven, Turner was recovering from a dye job gone wrong, and could not color her hair for a while. So, all the styles you saw her wear in those episodes were wigs. "At the time, I had a really bad experience with dyeing my hair blonde, and it was in really bad condition," the actress explains. "The team couldn’t dye my hair for GoT until it was healthy again so they put me in a wig." After wearing wigs for an entire season, she has mixed feelings. "I like wigs because you don’t have to put so much heat on your hair to style it," she says. "But wigs are very itchy, they take longer to put on, and my head gets very hot under them. There’s also glue residue left on your actual hair once it’s off, so they can be a little bit annoying. But again, wigs can definitely protect your hair."

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While we were discussing on-set hair, I couldn't not ask about the gorgeous braided styles Sansa frequently rocks. For her most memorable braided styles, the actress throws it back to season two and three: "My hair was braided in a halo and had all of these beautiful decorations. It was very decadent, intricate, and incredible—I fell in love with it. I’d never wear it in everyday life because it’s crazy, but, it was really beautiful on set."

How Turner Keeps Breakouts at Bay

Rightfully so, everyone's obsessed with Turner's hair. But um, hello, have you seen her glowing skin? You can blame it on her youth, but I still want to know about the products she uses! She follows the basic guidelines for good skin: cleansing, toning, and moisturizing. But the actress is extra conscious of controlling acne flare-ups. "For my skin, I drink a lot of water and try not to get stressed, which is mainly how I get breakouts," Turner shares. "I also love using this bubbly face mask that foams up on your face and dissolves—it’s so fun. I always put on these under-eye patches that help me look less tired, because I’m constantly tired."

The Beauty Tips She Traded With GoT Co-Star Maisie Williams

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Turner's GoT co-star Maisie Williams is her best friend IRL, and Williams recently confirmed she's Turner's bridesmaid. Like typical girlfriends, they've picked up a few beauty tips from one another. "Maisie's been taking hair tips from me because she recently dyed her hair bright pink. I’ve been handing her Wella products to get her hair back healthy," Turner shares. "And I always take makeup tips from her because she’s really clever with her makeup, and does a lot of weird and wonderful things with it." Speaking of clever makeup, Turner shares she wants to get experimental with beauty trends this year "just for fun." Bold eyeshadow looks came up—so expect some daring beauty looks from the actress to come.

The Beauty Products She Won't Ever Let Go

This is dramatic, but what if Turner was stranded on a remote island, and could only take a few beauty products? Wouldn't you want to know what the hell she'd take? Same. Turns out her hair and skin are the most important. "I wouldn’t need to wash my hair every day because I’d be in and out of the ocean on a dessert island and salt may be good for me," she says, laughing. "I’d just need to use Wella Invigo Brilliance Mask once a week to keep my hair healthy and hydrated—so, I'd definitely want that. For skin, I would bring my La Mer Moisturizer because it's rich, heavy, and just really good. Oh, and I’d bring a hair brush." Note to self: Salty, beach hair is definitely a vibe.

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