Khloé Kardashian Took a Fan to Prom, and She Went All Out With Her Prom Night Look

Making dreams come true.

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Most of us would probably not want to face up to how many years its been since prom (my whole life just flashed before my eyes while thinking about it), but Khloé Kardashian is out here living the prom date dream at 34-years-old. There's your inspiration for this fine Monday morning.

Taking a break from mom duties to her baby daughter True, Khloé spent her weekend quietly making a Kardashian superfan’s wildest fantasies become a reality, by agreeing to accompany him to his school dance at Hoover High School in Glendale, CA. Seriously, it's a thing that really happened.

Koko spent her evening hanging out with Narbeh, a high school senior who’s also a longtime dedicated stan to Khloe and her family. The pair have previously exchanged grateful DMs behind the scenes, but to show just how thankful she is for his endless support, Khloe got glammed up to be his real-life date for the evening.

Not only was her appearance for a super sweet reason, but it was also Khloe’s first ever time going to prom—and you already know that a Kardashian is going to go all out for a prom debut. The reality star looked totally stunning in a simple black dress, with long sleeves and daring cut-out details cross the chest and shoulders.

Keeping to her signature makeup look with soft smokey eyes and a nude lip, Khloe was also still rocking her recent extra-long mermaid ponytail. Oh, and there was a corsage involved too, of course.

On his Instagram posts from the evening, Narbeh described the surreal experience as "over the moon", and added that "being with Khloé made me feel like i was with just one of my cousins." Pretty cute, huh?

Aaand there goes Khloé, just shooting straight back up the list to being my favorite Kardashian.

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