Jenna Dewan Is Stunning With Her New Stick-Straight, Super Long Hair

Paired with a red lipstick, natch.

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Jenna Dewan, a.k.a. my fashion idol, is busy working on her new Netflix series (formerly called Mixtape) as well as her various brand collabs, and she's rocking some amazing looks. Thanks to her Instagram Stories, we got a sneak peek of an incredibly out-there 'do for the actress-dancer-author while she was in Chicago, potentially filming—and I loooooove it.

Jenna was just in Chicago visiting a Tremaine dance competition, and she explained she was filming while she was there—so it's a good guess that this might also be for a particular shoot for the show as well. Captioning the photo "Transformation courtesy of [Chicago makeup artist Karen Lynn Accattato] and [celebrity hairstylist and wig specialist Denise Baker] ❤️," Jenna didn't specify exactly how she achieved the lewk. Is it a wig? Are they extensions?? Join me on a brief investigation.

Jenna's natural hair is a shoulder-length blunt bob, which I love and which she has had for many, many months now:

But she has been showing off a sliiiightly longer style in preparation for her Netflix dance/musical series. These may be the same extensions with some amazing volume and waviness to it, so it looks shorter and bouncier:

But this new hairdo is the longest of all and definitely looks, to me, like mermaid-y add-on extensions that have been flat-ironed to stick-straight perfection (with bright red lipstick to round out the edgy, extreme look):

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(Image credit: Jenna Dewan)

Granted, my wig-dar is pretty terrible, so the whole thing might just be fully fake, but those look like her natural roots. Ummmmm I love it. She looks so, so different.

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