Literally No One Misses 'Game of Thrones' More Than the Jonas Brothers

Honestly? Same.

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It's been exactly 20 days since the series finale of the HBO fantasy epic Game of Thrones aired, and fans are still mourning the loss of what many rightfully consider one of the best television shows to ever exist (despite the fact that I'm personally pretending that last season never happened). Throughout its eight year run, Game of Thrones surprised, devastated, delighted, then devastated us again and again. Moving on after almost a decade of watching one show has been hard, for some more than others; a group of disgruntled Thronies formed a petition to remake the last season, provoking the ire of Sansa Stark herself, Sophie Turner.

Despite the fact that there are a number of television series old and new coming to our screens very soon, and a Game of Thrones prequel starring Naomi Watts is in production as we speak, fans are still all in their feelings about the not-so-sudden conclusion. The Jonas Brothers, in particular, have yet to come to terms with that fact that their watch has ended. In a hilarious behind-the-scenes video of their feature photoshoot for this month's cover of Harper's Bazaar, the trio tries to keep it together in spite of their heartache over the loss of their favorite show. But, like Tyrion's pleas to Daenerys not to turn King's Landing into a backyard barbecue, no dice.

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Even though he can pretty much live Game of Thrones out at home—he's literally married to Sansa—Joe is especially despondent about the series' end. In the video, you see him staring into the distance dejectedly, likely remembering the fact that Jon Snow got to be reunited with his direwolf Ghost after all. Kevin and Nick try to help get their brother out of his funk, but they're dealing with their own Game of Thrones-related issues; Kevin can't stop randomly quoting lines from the show (literally me), and Nick has taken up sword fighting à la Arya Stark.

Honestly? Relatable. Almost a month has passed since that fateful episode, but I still sometimes find myself sitting in front of my computer on Sunday nights, expecting to swoon over Jon Snow's perfectly tousled curls.

We miss you, Game of Thrones.

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