BFFs Sophie Turner and Maisie Williams Celebrate Sophie's Bachelorette Party Together

Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas are having their big wedding celebration (after their "surprise" Vegas ceremony), and preparations have begun. Sophie has just had her bachelorette party, according to an exclusive by Us Weekly, and her epic BFF and former costar Maisie Williams was right next to her to celebrate the big day.

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Oh my God, it's really happening—Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas are having their big wedding celebration (after their "surprise" legal Vegas ceremony), and preparations have begun. Sophie just had her bachelorette party, according to an exclusive by Us Weekly, and her BFF and former Game of Thrones costar Maisie Williams was right next to her to celebrate the big day.

Apparently the group jetted off to Benidorm, Spain, on Sunday, June 9. "Their East Benidorm hotel features a spa, poolside bar and close proximity to a waterpark," per Us Weekly. Um, a water park-themed bachelorette? Why did I not think of this?? That sounds perfect, especially for someone low-key and fun like Sophie. 

Not included in the photo were Sophie's J-sisters, Priyanka Chopra and Danielle Jonas. However, both apparently did attend the Vegas bash. At least in the pics and video (thanks, Diplo, for all that behind-the-scenes footage!), it didn't look like Maisie was at the Vegas ceremony, so at least to me it seems like Sophie celebrates with her friends when and where they can. Obviously, everyone is coming to the wedding, and I hope we see pics or I'm going to be devastated.

Actor Nadia Parkes shared a photo of the group getting on the plane for the bachelorette shenanigans, saying, "Ryanair looking good these days." Sophie and Maisie (with trademark pink hair, natch) are both visible, especially in the second photo—so swipe through to see.

Here's the photo:

And Blair Noel Croche added another pic from inside the plane (Sophie and Maisie not included in that one):

I love how relaxed and happy they look—that bodes well for a drama-free time.

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