Chrissy Teigen Was Mom-Shamed After Posting a Video of Her Son Miles

How about we just leave Chrissy alone?

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The internet certainly has a knack for turning a sweet moment sour, as Chrissy Teigen knows all too well. Last week, she posted a video on social media of Miles, her 1-year-old son with husband John Legend, taking his very first steps. And yesterday, she shared a video of him positively nailing the whole walking thing⁠—only for the parenting police of the internet to swoop in and slam Chrissy's mom skills. Good lord, the woman must be exhausted.

In the video, Miles props himself up on a bathtub before toddling towards Chrissy's camera, to his family's applause (sweetly, Luna runs to his aid when he topples over so slightly). "Oh it is f--kin ON we are screwed," Chrissy captioned the video.

While many in the comments applauded Miles' big milestone, others couldn't help but shame Chrissy, criticizing the toddler's proximity to the edge of the marble bathtub (and, seemingly, ignoring the many adults able to catch him should he veer too close to danger). Which, unsurprisingly, frustrated Chrissy: "I have to block like 20-30 people every time I post my kids," she posted in the comments. "So many dummies. Is someone forcing you at gunpoint to be annoying."

Thankfully, there were plenty of supportive comments, including some from Chrissy's celebrity friends (and family): John Legend posted an open-mouthed emoji, presumably awestruck by his son's rapid progress, while Tess Holliday said, "I love how happy he is," Jaleel White wrote, "He got dat bounce," and Grace Byers commented, "Miles is my everything."

Still, it would be nice if parents could share a sweet video of their children without the critics descending. Here's a novel idea: What if we just...left Chrissy alone?

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