Kim Kardashian Shows Off a Rare Photo With Tousled Hair, and It Makes Her Look Really Different

Kim Kardashian shared a photo on her Instagram that's different from her normal aesthetic. Kim, normally, has a very cultivated vibe, but she looks fresh-faced and her hair is tousled.

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Kim Kardashian just shared a lewk on her Instagram that, TBH, is really different from her normal aesthetic. Kim, normally, has a very cultivated and coordinated vibe, but here she looks fresh-faced (even if she's wearing makeup, it's meant to look minimal) and her hair is tousled, partially obscuring her face. It shows off her newest bob haircut in a kind of candid, seemingly spontaneous way.

The photos are from a shoot with the Wall Street Journal Magazine that covers the backlash Kim and her team got in the wake of her "Kimono shapewear" launch. The photos are in black and white, and in some of them, Kim poses in her shapewear. Kim's hands are up in this particular shot, so she looks naked (lol). When Kim was teasing her shapewear in June, she also posed without a ton of makeup on, looking VERY different—so I think the bare look might start showing up from time to time for the star.

Kim tagged hair artist Chris Appleton, makeup artist Mary Phillips (so we know she's not totally makeup-free, basically, but I'm not that surprised), Daniel Jackson Photography, her own brand KKW Beauty, and the WSJ in the post. She captioned the photo "Good hair day" so I think she totally knows it's a little different for her. 

Here's the original post:

And here's a look at that shoot:

I always think that a more stripped-down look is quite interesting on her.

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