Actually, Watching Kylie Jenner & Khloé Kardashian Get Drunk and Try to Do Makeup Is Hilarious

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    • The girls take a bunch of shots and try to do makeup. Hilarity and shenanigans ensue.

        It's a very "special" makeup tutorial! Kylie Jenner is busy promoting her Birthday Collection launch, and thus, the best thing to do was clearly to invite her "favorite" sister Khloé, take a whole bunch of shots, and try to do each other's makeup. If you have a spare 20(!) minutes, it's worth watching the whole thing, but please allow me to summarize all the shenanigans they get into:

        • Khloé tells Kylie she's "703" years old when Kylie suggests they chase her tequila with Red Bull. She asks to be "blessed with billions as well," since she's in Kylie's office.
        • They break out the "special" Kylie tequila Khloé got Kylie for her 21st. Initially they start praising it but eventually Khloé it's "so bad" when they do it straight (which they do, in copious amounts).
        • Kylie has never done her makeup intoxicated, and Khloe is scandalized.
        • Khloé is apparently Kylie's favorite sister..."don't tell the rest."
        • The pair invite a whole bunch of people over, but apparently no one wants to. Kris calls them "drunky monkeys," in fact, but later sends her boyfriend Corey Gamble. Kylie keeps swiping at him with her brush.
        • At one point Khloé says her face shines "like the Chrysler Building." Me too, Khloé!
        • She also really likes a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser, as I do (white sneakers FTW)!
        • Both their babies are in bed when they do this but they have to get up REAL early tomorrow, so they reflect, at least once, about how terrible an idea this is.
        • Kim calls in, and Kylie calls her Kim West—Khloé corrects her. "Kim Kardashian!" she whispers (lol).
        • The girls make fun of Kanye when he actually speaks on camera ("We miss you guys," he says). I giggled.
        • At one point Kylie admits, "I think we did too much." Alcohol or makeup? Unclear. She continues to put on makeup.
        • Towards the end, special guests Sofia Richie (Scott Disick's girlfriend) and Corey sit and pretend that they are Kylie and Khloé, post-makeover, while Khloé gives Kylie a piggyback ride.
        • At the end, the floor is a mess, the girls have done nine shots each, their makeup looks...ok? (It's hard to tell, they won't sit still!!) and Khloé "can't remember" Kylie's name.
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          Honestly, truly, I really enjoyed it.

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