This Surprising, Unique Job Perfectly Prepped Meghan Markle to Be a Royal

According to royal correspondent Angela Mollard, Meghan was hired to a calligraphy shop in Los Angeles when she was younger.

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Whoa. Apparently Meghan Markle's beautiful handwriting isn't done for her. She apparently writes beautiful thank you notes herself—according to royal correspondent Angela Mollard, Meghan was hired to a calligraphy shop in Los Angeles when she was younger. I feel like there's not one single thing she can't do, but this surprising skill is a particularly lovely one. It's absolutely a useful one, now that she's a royal—although, now that I think about it, it was probably helpful when she was signing autographs as a celebrity actress, too.

Apparently she writes all her letters like that, including the really stressful ones, according to the correspondent. "She learnt to write like that. You know the letter she wrote to Thomas Markle, that whole five pages that we talked about a few months ago, it was all written as beautifully as that. I mean, gorgeous, lovely skill." The host added that it was a "lost art." Maybe the Duchess Effect will happen here too and hundreds of kids will all of a sudden take up calligraphy? Doubtful, but I happen to think calligraphy is gorgeous, so fingers crossed.

Here's an example of Meghan's craft as she pens a thank you note to Luminary Bakery for being a part of the British Vogue project. The letter reads, in part, "When I knew I would be secretly guest editing the September issue of British Vogue, including Luminary Bakery was a non-negotiable. The work you do, what you represent to the community, the spirit of the women there—you all embody what it means to be ‘forces for change’. Thank you for being a part of this special project." 

And here's how she signed her name at New Zealand House:

The Duke And Duchess Of Sussex Sign A Book Of Condolence At New Zealand House

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Honestly, it's gorgeous and my chicken scratch attempt at cursive (thank you, five years of Catholic school that I did not enjoy!) will never ever compare.

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