Jenna Dewan Looks Like a Disco Ball in Gorgeous Dress as She Accepts a Prestigious Award

Jenna Dewan, queen of fashion, just wore the most enviable red carpet outfit that somehow manages to be the perfect combination of fun and formal.

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Jenna Dewan, queen of fashion, just wore the most enviable red carpet outfit that somehow manages to be the perfect combination of fun and formal—with the green and neon, plus the shiny mirrors, she looks like she's ready to get on stage and dance the night away. Jenna was as attending the 2019 Industry Dance Awards, where she won the Trailblazer Award. Given how much work she's been doing in the realm of dance recently, I super-love this for her.

Jenna also put part of her speech on her Instagram Stories. "My 10-year-old self would never believe this is happening!" she joked. "Dancing has been the most positive force in my's been my connection to a greater presence."

Brad Goreski, Jenna's stylist, also put the full outfit up on his Instagram as well as the IDs: the dress is David Koma (guys, I totally thought it was a coord), Jenny Bird jewelry and Jimmy Choo heels for the iconic (and dance-friendly) look. Daniela Viviana Romero was her other stylist:

Kelsey Deenihan did her makeup and Bridget Brager did her hair. It's a fun sleek look with a dramatic, but also soft, cat-eye:

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(Image credit: Jenna Dewan)

Even better? She matches the award!

2019 Industry Dance Awards

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