Rihanna Just Teased Her Fans About the Rumors She's in Talks to Play Poison Ivy in the Next Batman Movie

Could the long-standing fan casting be coming true?

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Rihanna's no stranger to having a little fun with her fans—remember the memes she shared about her upcoming and impatiently awaited ninth album?—and over the weekend, she took to social media to tease the Navy a little more. Specifically, she dropped a super subtle Batman reference into a post about some Fenty stiletto boots (which I am extremely interested in, I'd like to publicly and wistfully state, and would love in a size 7.5 or 8). Just last week, rumors began to circulate that Rihanna was in talks to play Poison Ivy alongside Robert Pattinson's Batman in the Caped Crusader's latest cinematic outing—so yes, that little nod from Rihanna had some eagle-eyed fans positively freaking out.

Allow me to offer you some context: As HotNewHipHop reported Friday, several anonymous sources have started whispering about Poison Ivy's return to the DC Extended Universe, played by Robyn Rihanna Fenty herself. Some DCEU fans have been calling for the casting for years—so while nothing's even close to confirmed (Marie Claire has reached out to RiRi's publicist for comment), they're understandably pretty excited.

And then Rihanna posted a video of those Fenty boots on Instagram, captioned, "bat-mobile , but make it fashion! get into this matte leather-rubber fusion tho." See that? Bat-mobile. She's either 100% in talks about Poison Ivy, or she's just 100% aware of the rumors and finding it all very funny. Rihanna, I'll say it again: You are killing us!

On the subject of that ninth album, by the way: In August, she reportedly registered a new song, "Private Loving," with her music publisher BMI, as Elle reports. It's happening, right? The album's really happening? I am overwhelmed and require a very long nap.

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