Mariah Carey's Closet Tour Is About as Epic as You'd Think

It's good to be her.


"I'm not as casual as most people, but I guess I could be." This is how Mariah Carey, ur-diva, chooses to open her Vogue closet tour. In the tradition of other tour-ees, Mariah let everyone take a peek at her extensive wardrobe, ranging from gowns to shoes to sunglasses to multiple pieces of Marilyn Monroe memorabilia.

Of course this woman has MC-etched champagne glasses in her home. And as she waltzes around, she offers insightful comments like, "If I had my way, I'd just wear lingerie and walk around the house."

As HelloGiggles pointed out, this is all very reminiscent of another instance Mariah opened up her closet for others: a now-iconic episode of MTV Cribs, where the elusive chanteuse keeps things extra-elusive:

While this video isn't quite as long or as overall entertaining as her first ride around, she's still Mariah, after all. And with that, watch the whole closet tour below:

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