Chrissy Teigen Experimented With Grown-Out Bangs and Wants You to Talk Her Out of Them

How does she look so good in every hairstyle?

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Chrissy Teigen is no stranger to a quick hair switch-up, being a model and all—but her latest happens to be one of my favorites to date. Posting on her Instagram story from what appears to be a photoshoot, she revealed a new hair update: grown-out, face-framing bangs, in a soft blonde shade. "Oh my God, I do love it!" Teigen says in the clip. Me too, Chrissy!

Alas, the bangs appear to be very convincing clip-ons, courtesy of stylist Shay Halaly Ziv, since Teigen goes on to ask her followers: "Someone talk me out of it." And as someone who maintained blunt bangs for about seven years solely because they were far too annoying to grow out, I very much understand her reluctance. But they look so good, Chrissy! Get the bangs! Growing them out is an issue for future you to deal with!

Teigen is currently alternating between super long, glossy hair and the coolest side-parted bob, as evidenced by a recent post from hair stylist Jesus Guerrero (other clients include Rosalía and one Kylie Jenner). I am confounded by her ability to look so astonishingly good in literally every hairstyle she wears, but again, that is probably why she is a model, while I have worn the same ponytail for the past four days.

As your official source of Chrissy Teigen updates, I'd like to direct your attention to two further social media posts. Firstly: the above Instagram post, expertly captioned, "it’s not a resting bitch face, it’s just my face." Who among us cannot relate? And secondly, the below tweet, featuring a terrifying fruit turkey Teigen made for daughter Luna's Thanksgiving pot luck, which is inexplicably sporting false eyelashes. Stare into those amply-lashed marshmallow eyes, friends. Let the turkey haunt your dreams.

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