Princess Beatrice Wrote a Poem All About Her "Dearest Friend" Ellie Goulding

"I adore this girl so clearly," Beatrice wrote.

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I'll be honest, I assumed all friends and associates of the royal family were compelled to sign extensive NDAs and whatnot to prevent any incidents like the one I'm about to describe. But it would appear not! You're probably aware that Princess Beatrice and Ellie Goulding are good friends, with Beatrice attending Goulding's wedding earlier this year. Well, Goulding's appearance on a British comedy show Saturday evening might have embarrassed the royal just a little, as a poem she wrote about their friendship was broadcast on national television. Ellie! You better hope Beatrice doesn't change her number after this.

Allow me to explain: Goulding featured on Michael McIntyre's Big Show Saturday evening, in a segment called "Text To All," as People reports. The segment sees comedian McIntyre take a celebrity's phone, send a text to all their contacts (who have no idea it's McIntyre texting them), and wait for the unwitting replies to roll in. You could not pay me to participate in this bit! Do not send embarrassing messages to "Nick From Bumble," Michael!

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McIntyre's text from Goulding's phone? "This might sound a bit weird but I’m writing a song all about you. I’d love some help with the lyrics. What do you remember about that unforgettable moment? And if you can make it rhyme even better. Hurry! I’m in the studio right now and my creative juices are flowing lol x."

Princess Beatrice, a poet at heart, embraced the challenge with gusto. She wrote Goulding a full verse about their friendship, texting, "My dearest friend I love so dearly. I feel so lucky, I adore this girl so clearly. From wedding chats to Saturday evening, I adore this lady with every feeling. There truly isn’t a time that our friendship could equal a rhyme."

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Goulding, probably fearing a royal decree of condemnation from the Queen herself, seemed absolutely mortified by the whole affair. No official word from Beatrice yet, but hey: At least we all know the Princess can rhyme.

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