Chrissy Teigen Dresses Up as the Sassiest Mrs. Santa Claus Ever

During the holidays, Chrissy Teigen has shared sweet/funny details of her family vacation. She even dressed up as Mrs. Claus and proceeded to...complain that Santa was cheating on her?

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Chrissy Teigen has been alternating between funny and endearing this holiday season (as is pretty typical for her, TBH), what with shots of Santa running by the window followed by tender pictures with her kids. Last night was predictably no exception.

Captioning the video, "I can’t stop buying shit online," Teigen is dressed up as an old, angry, sassy Mrs. Santa Claus. "Has anyone seen my husband?" she says in an old lady voice. "I think he's gallivanting around the streets," Instagram husband/amateur videographer/supporter of Chrissy's craziness John Legend gamely responds. "He's probably cheating on me!" insists Teigen-as-Claus. "A lot of ho-ho-ho-in'!" laughs Legend. "Oh damn," mutters Teigen as she wanders off.

Fans immediately began to comment with a lot of "What the hell did we just watch??" responses. Journalist Yashar Ali was quick to wonder, "what is going on omg" and Teigen replied, "I don’t ever know, yash," which should tell you a lot.

On a more serious note, Teigen also wrote the sweetest post on Instagram about her vacation. "I have found my happy place here in jackson hole. I feel like a new person. Feeling pure happiness and joy and especially appreciative of being shacked up with a view of the mountains and the pure, cool air flowing through the windows," she said.

"Feeling like my kids are currently theeee perfect age, keeping me on my toes and seeing their new found personalities and active little minds shine every day. I just love it here and love my family so f*cking much." Bawwww!

Here's the video:

And here's her serious post:

Yup, that's Teigen pretty perfectly encapsulated.

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